How to reduce global warming

Global warming  has changed in many aspects, some of whom change itself also inhibit global warming trend.

First, global warming causes the land of ice and snow melt, the overall increase in the total liquid water. The specific heat of liquid water on ice, the heat due to the enhanced greenhouse effect due to the increase in total liquid water on Earth without the water temperature rose considerably due to increased greenhouse heat when the rocks on the planet and the soil temperature increased significantly, but due to presence of liquid water on the exchange of heat from the earth, so that the whole earth was not warming to be significant, to some extent, offset the greenhouse effect , delaying the melting of snow and ice on Earth.

Second, green plants of global warming on the planet strong growth, photosynthesis and global warming by absorbing more carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gases), the fixed part of the greenhouse gases so that this part will not stop the world’s greenhouse gas effect of heat radiation, but also to some extent offset the greenhouse effect.

Global warming increases the total liquid water on the planet, green plants absorb more greenhouse gases, which in turn delayed the global warming trend, is conducive to reaching equilibrium. Of course, with the trend of reducing global warming, water and extra fluids on Earth is the main greenhouse gases absorb smaller increments and smaller, if not reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases , the Earth will warm, which the world a new round of liquid water and green plants to increase the maximum total growth once again delay the global warming trend. Therefore, do not reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases under the circumstances, the balance will be alternately formed and broken, so the cycle to global temperature fluctuations much higher than before, and no monotonically increasing, and if the reduction of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases or emissions of greenhouse gases set, you can cure temperature fluctuations on Earth.
Scientists have proposed a bold idea, to build around the Earth or a spacecraft composed of small ring particles artificial space, covered the tropical sun, regulate the temperature of the Earth.

However, some opponents argue that this idea will certainly be some side effects, you can scatter sunlight efficiently with the particles that make us all to be, and every night as bright as the full moon, and the budget is alarmingly high, can reach 6 billion to 200 billion U.S. dollars, and even greater funds in the world of NASA research institutions can not afford, if the dispersion of particles in the spacecraft, then, may be less budget, was reduced to U.S. $ 500 million estimated that around.
Since the birth of the earth, the air temperature dropped several times, solar radiation, clouds and greenhouse gases and other factors have been or are affecting our climate. If the soil around a particle or a spacecraft on the composition of the “banda”, then there will be a shadow over Ecuador, to implement these particles, they must use some special monitoring spacecraft, as a shepherd to care for the same swarm .

Over the past century, global temperatures increased significantly in the next hundred years, this trend will continue, many studies have confirmed that global temperatures will rise in coming centuries from 1 to 20 degrees Celsius, sea level was rising, a number of coastal cities will cease to exist. Some scientists have suggested that the reduction of sunlight the Earth’s temperature will decrease, and some ground or space systems can achieve this goal. However, scientists say it is still impossible to calculate the amount of the earth can absorb light at the end, the amount of sunlight reflected into space, which is a key step in implementing the plan.

U.S. Scientific studies have shown that the activities of former farmers had to make the world to avoid getting into a new ice age. This result shows that global warming induced by humans is not a new phenomenon, which can last thousands of years. British “Observer” recently quoted researchers saying that the felling of trees and fields of prehistoric farmers first piece of land, the atmosphere of methane and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases changed much, so the gradual increase in global temperatures. University of Virginia Professor Ruddiman Qian Wei said: “If this is the beginning of the greenhouse gases caused by agricultural activities, the global temperature today is probably still the glacial period the temperature.” Research shows that without human intervention, land lower than it is now 2 degrees Celsius, the spread of ice sheets and glaciers will affect many parts of the world. Some gases, such as human emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons and other functions to the absorption of infrared radiation, these gases are called greenhouse gases. ” Abundant in the atmosphere as a cover to block the heat in the soil. As “greenhouse gases” such as the increase in surface temperature caused. Scientists call this “greenhouse effect.” There is a saying that the greenhouse effect is caused by global warming. This is almost a hundred years, scientists have studied the increase in carbon dioxide emissions associated with the increase of temperature presented. That emissions of greenhouse gas control, global warming can be controlled to avoid damaging the ecological balance, agricultural change, melting glaciers and other disasters occur. Of course, according to the modern, scientific research, the greenhouse effect and global warming gases to climate-related, but also in further exploration. But people have taken their toll on global warming and abnormal, in this sense, scientists have suggested that the control of emissions of greenhouse gases may be safe than sorry.
Global warming for two reasons: the burning of coal, natural gas, generate significant greenhouse gases, the indiscriminate felling of forests, so the decreased ability to absorb carbon dioxide. The atmosphere and the surface of the system as a big “glass house”, so that the surface has always maintained a certain temperature, produced by humans and other organisms living environment. In this system, both to the atmosphere through which solar radiation reaches the ground, while the soil to prevent escape of radiation, we have the atmosphere of this protective effect on the ground called greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases as “greenhouse gases”, which allows free passage of solar radiation, while the surface absorption of longwave radiation. These gases are carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, ozone, nitrogen oxides and water vapor, carbon dioxide is more important. Little by little during the last century the global climate is warming, with the same time, atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases also increased dramatically. Many scientists agree that emissions of greenhouse gases, many of the enhanced greenhouse effect caused by the possible underlying causes of global warming.

Emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities, including: all emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning activities. In the fossil, the maximum carbon content of coal, oil, followed by lower natural gas, fossil fuels in the process of mining coal, gas, carbon dioxide and methane emissions from gas leak natural, cement, lime, chemical, and other industrial process emissions of carbon dioxide from cattle and sheep, rice fields and other emissions of methane from ruminant digestive process, changing land use to reduce carbon dioxide absorption , methane waste and emissions of nitrous oxide. Burning coal, oil, natural gas and trees, a large amount of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, the warming after the balance of the carbon cycle, changing the Earth’s energy biosphere form of conversion. Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased by 25%, much more than scientists can examine the past 16 years the entire record, and currently there are no signs of slowing.

The main cause of global warming is almost a century of intensive human use of fossil fuels (like coal, oil, etc), large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases. Because of these greenhouse gases in the short-wave radiation from the sun with a high degree of permeability, while the long-wave radiation reflected from the earth is very absorbent, but also the invisible electromagnetic pollution, which often says the “greenhouse effect”, leading to global warming.
The world’s forests are divided into cold (northern) forests, temperate forests and tropical forest categories. According to experts, forest ecosystems today, is the nature of evolution through 8000 years has been formed. Today, all the original forests have become a large-scale exploitation of the objectives of the logging industry. In the tropics, many of the forests have disappeared in the last 50 years have reduced vacuum. Only from 1960 to 1990, more than 450 million hectares of tropical forest were engulfed, the total area of ​​the world’s tropical forests 20%, there are several million hectares of tropical forest deforestation, land reclamation for cultivation and extraction mineral degradation.

Moreover, global trade in illegal timber and illegal logging continues to grow, especially in developing countries with tropical forests and ineffective law enforcement Russia and other countries. The international demand for cheap wood products, has further aggravated the situation.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, according to climate model predictions of 2100 date, estimated that global temperatures will rise between 1.4 and 5.8 degrees Celsius (2.5 to 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit). According to this forecast, global temperature will occur in the last 10. 000 years, there has never been a big change, and therefore the global environment and potentially significant impact.

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