Causes of global warming

Many reasons for global warming, after the following general points:

1. Population growth factor

The dramatic increase in population in recent years led to one of the main factors of global warming. Same time, it was a serious crisis Natural Environment Balance. So many people, only its own emissions of carbon dioxide per year would be a staggering figure, and the results will lead directly to the system of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continue to increase, so the formation of carbon dioxide “greenhouse effect” will directly affect the Earth’s surface climate change.

2. Air pollution factors

Currently, the increasingly serious environmental pollution has posed a major global problem, but also led to one of the main factors of global warming. Now, on global climate change research has clearly pointed out that since the last century from the Earth’s surface temperature has already begun to rise.

3. Aggravating factor in the marine environment

Currently, sea level changes are continuously rising trend was, according to the experts predicted that the next century, sea levels could rise 50cm. If not taken and the measures will lead directly to the destruction and pollution of freshwater resources, and other adverse consequences. In addition, a large number of land-based places of toxic chemical waste generated and solid waste continuously into the sea; place in the great sea vent (leak) oil, and events triggered by human activity Coastal areas Destruction of the environment all contribute to marine ecological and environmental damage of the main factors.

4. Land erosion, desertification and other destructive elements

5. Dropped factors of forest resources

In the world, due to natural or man-caused factors Forest area Is substantially reduced sharply.

6. Acid rain hazards

Acid rain to the ecological impact of the environment has become increasingly attracted worldwide attention. Acid rain can damage forests, acidification of lakes, endangering the biological. Currently, more concentrated in the acid rain Europe And North America, acid rain occurred in most developed countries, some developing countries, acid rain is also rapidly develop.

7. Species extinction factor in accelerating

On Earth is a precious human resources, and the diversity of human survival and development. However, the biological species on Earth is disappearing at an unprecedented rate.

8. Water Pollution Factors

According to Global Environment Monitoring System Water quality monitoring programs show that about 10% of the global monitoring of water pollution, this century, human water consumption is increasing rapidly, while water pollution is continuously expanding scale, which formed a fresh water supply and demand of a contradiction. Thus, the treatment of water pollution is very urgent and important.

9. Toxic waste pollution factors

Growing toxic chemicals pose to human survival is not only a serious threat, and the ecological environment of the Earth’s surface will also be harm.

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